Proposal puzzle

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You've fallen in love head over heels, bought the ring and now you need to pop the question.... but how? Turn this special moment into a memorable one. This Custom gift will bring a smile to their face, excitement to their day and joy to their heart.

Please note: The first few images are online mockups. The "example picture" was created by Orallee Celebrations.

How it works:

Inside the box there will be 2 envelopes. Envelope 1 (marked: "Here's a hint") will contain a picture of the puzzle to assist in the assembly (don't worry! the message wont be there).

Envelope 2 (marked: "Open last") will contain the missing puzzle pieces (for the secret message). Its up to you! you can preopen the box before gifting it and stow them in your pocket! or allow the recipient to open the envelope.


Please note: you will be sent a digital mock up within 4 days of your order. The digital mock up (containing different text locations) must be confirmed before the puzzle is created. Once we have received confirmation it cannot be changed.

Due to the transfer process picture will have some colour differences

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