About us

Its time to claim your space.

Bold to say; especially if I said that years ago.
I was always the quiet and shy one, who was willing to make myself the smallest in the room. Quite literally afraid to occupy the area around me.
What I have now come to realize... is i'm not small and neither are you!

You deserve to fill the space you're in with the boldness that is you. Celebrate the moments that mean something to you and nurture the connections you've made.

As a company that focuses on life's special milestones it is a core value to be all inclusive. To us it is essential to cater to all ethnicities, religions, sexual orientations and gender identities.


 Why red? This is my story 

Orallee Celebrations was inspired by my first best friend.

Growing up It was always me and my grandma while my parents were at work. Until I was 22 years old she was my best friend, my confidant and my greatest teacher. Her favourite color and signature statement was red. From head to toe on important occasions she loved to be in red. To honor her each Orallee package is adorned with a pop of her signature color.