Balloon Services


Want a statement piece for your Corporate event,  Party, Baby shower, Anniversary, Wedding or Engagement?  Try our Balloon Services!

Please note we only do indoor events at this time form must be filled out 1 month before event

Balloon Delivery  within Pickering, Ajax, Whitby & Oshawa ON

Standard Pricing:

The term "Organic" means that the balloon design is continuous and has a natural flow. They feature different sizes and do not follow a rigid pattern or structure.

Organic balloon garlands start at $200 each + delivery (takedown is included)

  • Standard organic garlands include 5", 9" and 11" balloons and are 6Ft in length. Larger garlands are $20 for every extra Ft
Organic balloon columns start at  $90 each + delivery (take down is included) 
  • Standard organic columns include 5", 9" and 11" balloons and are 6Ft in height. 
Organic balloon walls start at $370 each  + delivery (take down is included)
  • Standard organic walls include 5", 9" and 11" balloons and are 8ft tall and 6ft wide.
Organic balloon number mosaic start at $150 each (3 colours)  + delivery
  • Standard organic number mosaics include 5"&11" balloons and are 4Ft in height. Larger number mosaics are $15 for every extra Ft (largest is 6Ft) 
Organic table runners start at $150 each + delivery 
  • Standard organic table runners include 5" & 9" balloons and are 6Ft in length. Larger table runners (if you want it to cascade over the Edge) are $20 for every extra Ft

Foil number bouquet start at $175 each + delivery

  • Standard bouquets include 5" & 11" balloons, 1 or 2 foil numbers and 1 personalized balloon.

Please note

Embellishments such as flowers, leaves, orbs, confetti balloons,  jumbo balloons and aqua bubbles affect all standard prices which will be reflected in your quote. At this time we only cater to indoor balloon arrangements.



Our standard services are completed with high quality Qualatex, and or Sempertex 100% latex biodegradable balloons.
All Qualatex latex balloons are made from 100% natural rubber latex from rubber trees located in plantations that are Rainforest Alliance Certified™.
All Sempertex balloons are made of pure 100% natural rubber latex. They contain no fillers, extenders or plasticizers that would hinder decomposition. 
During our take down services balloons are collected and disposed of responsibly and command hooks are reused when possible. Our jumbo transport bags are also biodegradable. 
Qualatex and Sempertex are quality standard they are durable and long lasting.

Please fill out the balloon request form below to receive your own custom quote.