6 sealed Concrete Vessels 9oz

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Made to order
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These unique handcrafted concrete vessels are perfect for candle making! 

Due to the nature of these vessels, they showcase concretes natural air pockets and texture. Each vessel is unique. Outside has a satin finish.

Intended use
If you select " Candle Making" These Vessels will be sealed for candle making with a non toxic sealer that will not leak. They will also come safety labeled however we encourage you to conduct your own testing and labeling if needed.
Sealed with earth safe sealer.

If you select "Other" they will be sealed with a sealer suitable for plant pots, stationary, home decor etc.

We share the love of handmade goods and individual pours, each of our vessels are hand poured, sanded and sealed
Sold in a Pack of 6
Dimension 3"cm tall by 3" wide

Currently made to order. we will keep in touch during the process.

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