Graduation Balloon Gift

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This Graduation balloon is perfect for the new graduate! add well wishes, candy, lights and a monetary gift. Can also be made as a group gift! monetary gifts can be separated with money bags (see images).

In just a few easy steps your custom gift will be created just for you!

It can be delivered to your door, venue or directly to the recipient!

First step is to select one of the 2 presentations. Classic (1 tier balloon stand) or Elite( 2 tier balloon stand & mini balloon garland (see last image. Please note. Due to a current balloon shortage the elite option may be temporarily out of stock)

All balloon gifts come with a glass mason jar so the recipient can collect and store their  notes! The jar is decaled to mirror the balloon so they have a lasting gift after their balloon is popped. 

Have a bold and unique idea (gift cards, marble balloons, gold leaf balloons, flowers, butterflies, etc) and not sure how to order? Click the Contact us tab in our main menu and we will work with you to achieve your perfect gift.

Please note: Delivery date and address will be confirmed via email and is based on our availability. String light contains two changeable CR2030 batteries.

Allergy notice: All balloons used are 100% latex

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